No.  
 Algeria 3
 Egypt 42
 Gulf 12
 Iraq 10
 Lebanon 80
 Morocco 4
 Palestine 3
 Syria 17
 Yemen 2
Magida el-Roumi
Marcel Khalife
Walid Toufic
Wadi al-Safi
Ziad el-Rahbani
More Lebanese Artists
Abdul Halim Hafez
Farid Al Atrash
Mohammad Abdul Wahab
Mohammad Abdul Muttalib
Sayyid Mekkawy
Um Kolthoum
Fayza Ahmad
More Egyptian Artists
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Pascal machaalani Pascale Machaalani only $9.95. Belly Dance Mohamed Shahin only $9.95.
Jannat Hob Ghamed only $9.95. Ragheb Alamah Habib Dehkati only $5.00.
Arwa Ya Moumayaz only $9.95. Amal Maher Seket El Salamah only $9.95.
yara Ayesh Bi Oyouni only $5.00. Mahmoud Anwar El Helwa Marat only $9.95.
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Belly Dance Instrumental
Rai Music Mixes & Selections
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Najwa Karm
Tahamouni for $14.95  $12.95.
Kazem Al-Saher Abhathu Anki  for only $12.95. $9.95.
Belly Dance 
The orient beats back for only $14.95
Assi Al Hillani
Kayed Ozzalak, only $12.95 $9.95.
Amro Diab
Allem Alby
for only $14.95 $12.95.
Nour Mehanna
Sings Melhem Barakat for only only $12.95 $9.95..
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